Encasulated ashes to glass


Introduction to Glassblowing Class
An introduction into the world of glassblowing for beginners, the course introduces you to this amazing molten substance. Classes comprise of no more than  three students at a time, as this allows students to develop their glassblowing skills at a non-hurried pace. Students begin the day with the following:
  • Health and safety talk and safe practice within              the glassblowing studio;
  • Learn how to use different glassblowing tools;
  • Gather molten glass from the glassblowing                       furnace;
  • Produce a  glass sphere, paper weight or vase;
  • Pick and use different types of colour, rod,                       powder and grit;
  • Work with the tutor to produce your final                      glass  piece at the end of your glassblowing                     experience;
  • Arrange for pick up, or delivery of work after               an  over night cooling period.