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Creative Vibe Glassblowing

 Studio is Now Open

Classes are available for booking, following the COVID-19 Rules underneath

New COVID-19 Rules for all Courses 

During the Glassblowing Course it will be only one person or up to three if from the same house hold

Courses will be divided in two sessions: 

1.  Morning session from 10am to 1:30 pm;
2. Afternoon session from 2pm to 5:30pm.
(Please be aware that the original Course only runs from 10am to 3/4pm due to numbers)

No hot drinks or food will be available at the studio, but we will provide small water bottles.

Protective gear will be worn by the glassblower and accessible for the attendees, as well as hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes.

Our studio is set in the countryside, allowing privacy and safety to all our customers. There are no by-passer spectators and no contact with the general public.


Available Courses 

Christmas Baubles One Hour Session

Creative Vibe Studio is offering Christmas Baubles Sessions across the 2019 festive season and all year around.
Please, refer to our Availability page for specific course dates and slot times will be available on those dates after 4:30pm.
If you are feeling creative and would like to blow your own Glass Christmas Bauble, just check the availability for your chosen date by getting in touch with us through the email rickykeech@creativevibeglassblowing.co.uk.
Price: £50 per person per one hour slot

Interior Design Two Day Course

A two day interior design course, where you experience the ancient art of glassblowing on the first day and create acrylic wall art on the second day. On the first day you will plan what you will be producing during the course and choose which colours you will be working on within your interior design.This is a full on two days where you will learn many different techniques and you will leave with a variety of glass and acrylic works of Art. The course will comprise of no more than two people at any time.

Level Beginners/Intermediate/ Cost £300 (per person) for Two days
Times 10am - 4pm (both days)
Availability - Upon Request. Please email rickykeech@hotmail.co.uk if you would like to book this course.

Saturday and Sunday Glassblowing Beginners Course

An introduction to glassblowing, suitable for beginners to try their hand at this molten art form.The day is guaranteed to be unique and exciting. The class will comprise of no more than three students at any time, as this allows for more one on one teaching.

Level Beginners / Cost £165 (per person)
Times 10am - 4pm

One Day Follow Up Glassblowing Course 

An excellent follow up day course for students who have already taken part in our beginners class, which will provide an opportunity to consolidate skills previously learnt from the previous session. You will focus on developing more key skills and producing a selection of bespoke one off glass pieces.

Level Intermediate (at least one previous lesson)
cost / £145 (per person)
Times 10am - 4pm

Available Upon Request

(Dates not available on the calendar, please email us if interested)

Evening Glassblowing Beginners and Intermediate level Courses

Take a step into the fascinating world of glassblowing and use the skills gained in this short but intense course, to produce unique glass pieces using a variety of stunning colours, as well as different glassblowing  techniques.

Level Beginners / cost £145 (per person)
Times 4pm - 9pm or 5pm to 10pm

(There is flexibility on the times slots for this course, to book different times in the evening course just send us an email and we will try to accommodate your request)