Encasulated ashes to glass


Encapsulated Ashes to Glass Art

We create a beautiful bespoke hand blown glass pieces, using a small amount of your loved ones ashes or pet animals cremation ashes Choose from a selection of colors that can be mixed and matched to your own personal requirements.

Each piece encapsulates the essence and presence of their everlasting spirit for you to hold within the palm of your hand and each creation can be passed down through generations.

You can be assured that each piece is treated by me, as an practicing artist, with the up most  care and dignity.

    Votive Encapsulate candle holder

 Encapsulated ashes within a glass heart

                   Encapsulate Ashes Paper Weight

                                                                                                    The Process

When you commission me as a glass artist to encapsulate cremation ashes within a glass blown piece we will send you a pack with everything you need to send a small amount -a teaspoon of ashes per item-securely to us.We will let you no that the ashes have arrived safely.The ashes are kept in a securely in a safe until they are encapsulated into molten glass by me as a glassblowing artist.Once they are cooled the item can be securely sent to you with a certificate of authenticity.

The process takes from 3 to 4 weeks.

Two Bespoke glass apples created for a family with the name of Appleton  containing ashes.
Our beloved cat Ginger, passed away 2017,his ashes have been encapsulated  into a glass heart. We have chosen to keep these in a glass box with a personal engraved inscription on the front.